Tuesday, December 30, 2008

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Self Certified Mortgages
Self Certified mortgages are mortgages whereby the lender will advance money without needing proof of income.This type of mortgage is generally used for self employed clients or clients that have more than one source of income.
Self Certified mortgages are available to both employed and self employed clients and we can also help clients with poor credit history by searching whole of the mortgage market.
Self certification (also know as self certified) mortgages are ideal for applicants whose income is not easily verifiable.
If you are self employed, a company director, contract worker or freelancer it is likely that your income is minimised for tax purposes, you may also be unable to provide three years trading accounts. As a consequence it can be difficult to secure the mortgage you want. In short, if you know you can pay a mortgage, but have difficulty proving it in the usual way, we can help through a type mortgage which does not require evidence or proof of income.