Tuesday, December 30, 2008

buy to let mortgages in the uk best deals invest

Buy to let mortgages in the uk on the cheap with low interest rates.
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Are you looking to make a profit from property in the uk?

Struggling to get a mortgage? We have buy to let uk mortgages self certified mortgages where you do not need to prove your income. mortgage specialists in buy to let mortgages in the uk and london. We will beat any quote for a mortgage. We do not charge a fee for our service, we get paid directly from the lenders.
Self Certified Mortgages
Self Certified mortgages are mortgages whereby the lender will advance money without needing proof of income.This type of mortgage is generally used for self employed clients or clients that have more than one source of income.
Self Certified mortgages are available to both employed and self employed clients and we can also help clients with poor credit history by searching whole of the mortgage market.
Self certification (also know as self certified) mortgages are ideal for applicants whose income is not easily verifiable.
If you are self employed, a company director, contract worker or freelancer it is likely that your income is minimised for tax purposes, you may also be unable to provide three years trading accounts. As a consequence it can be difficult to secure the mortgage you want. In short, if you know you can pay a mortgage, but have difficulty proving it in the usual way, we can help through a type mortgage which does not require evidence or proof of income.

Monday, October 27, 2008

advertising opportunity for mortgage companies in the uk

Mortgage-help-centre.co.uk is offering all uk brokers and insurers an opportunity to advertising their banners and links on their website. Mortgage help centre comes up very high on google and other search engines for various mortgage terms and is attracting a lot of traffic on a daily basis. In addition we will also let you advertise and promote your blog on this blog which is http://mortgage-help-centreuk.blogspot.com/. The internet is a very competitive market and it is costing insurance brokers and companies a large amount for pay per click. The average amount for pay per click for a mortgage is £10 per click for mortgages. However, we are offering you an alternative way to get traffic and leads for mortgages through our websites. http://www.mortgage-help-centre.co.uk


We are offering advertising on the whole of our website for a set fee for £350.00 per month. Only one company is allowed to advertise on our website. So if you want a website dedicated to your company please let us know so we can consider you first. The whole website will be dedicated to your company with links, banners, texts and logos as you prefer. Please contact us if you are interested.


Monday, September 29, 2008

mortgage help centre helping people credit crunch uk

Credit crunch in the uk
Credit Crunch Explained:
In the Summer last year the credit markets started to get worried about the fall-out from the sub-prime market in the US. Most of these sub-prime mortgage were packaged up and then sold on as structured products to financial institutions such as banks, insurers and hedge funds. Now the holders of these structured products are suffering large losses because there is a rise in mortgage arrears with these sub-prime loans.This has happened because in the US, interest rates are rising, house prices are falling and people can't refinance as quickly as first thought. The way this works, is that the banks will initially provide a bridging loan type of financing, but then ultimately look to syndicate the debt away to other banks or hedge funds. We have all seen what happened to Northern Rock last year and now Lenders are even more cautious in the uk to lend new mortgages to consumers. Mortgage help centre http://www.mortgage-help-centre.co.uk are here to help people through the credit crunch in the uk.

We want to help people find the best rates in the uk for mortgages and loans.

The U.K.’s credit crisis is entering its final stages, but it is likely to take a while for the property market to return to normal, according to Financial Services Authority Chief Executive Hector Sants. The UK Credit Crunch is here and it has come swiftly. Of course there were many predictions that the housing bubble and the false econmy created by both high house prices and the easy lending policies of most banks and building societies would end in tears. And whilst the expectation never materialised the pre-credit-crunch dangers continued to balloon.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

mortgage calculator

Mortgage calculator

Just a word of advice. When you take out a mortgage just before you do so, always check with a mortgage calcualtor how much your repayments will be. This will ensure you are not getting a dumb deal so to speak and will ensure you are paying the right amount. You will be surprised about how many brokers may get it wrong. Please visit the link below for more information.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

mortgage help centre todays best mortgage deals

Mortgage help centre are the best mortgage service in london and the whole of the uk.
Currently due to the prices of houses and nobody taking out mortgages due to the recession, Mortgage help centre still have excellent deals on mortgages at the moment.

No matter what mortgage you may need contact mortgage help centre by visiting their website on the internet. They also do secured loans and unsecured loans in the uk. Here are some simple steps from mortgage-help-centre.co.uk to start to help you with your mortgage:--

Are you stuck on your lender’s standard variable rate (SVR) and can’t remortgage? Are you about to come to the end of your special deal and can’t get another one?

If this applies to you then you’re not alone. Because of the much-discussed ‘credit crunch’ lenders have tightened up their lending criteria; they are also asking for bigger deposits for their loans. In fact, over the past year more than a third of mortgage lenders have reduced the maximum loan to value they are prepared to offer. 125% mortgages are a thing of the past and, whilst you may find a 100% mortgage, you will have to pay a great deal more for it.

While this may affect first-time buyers and those looking to move more than you, this more cautious attitude to risk could stop you remortgaging. Because lenders are now looking for higher deposits, those of you who couldn’t put down a deposit of 10% or more when you bought your home may have problems. And those of you who only managed to buy by taking out a 125% mortgage in the first place may not be able to find any lender who will be able to help.

Before you start to panic, you may be ok. If you are coming to the end of your special deal, the chances are that you took it out a year or – even better- a couple of years ago. Depending on where you live, you may find that your home is worth a lot more now than it was then and you have built up some equity (or profit) in your house. If you are just remortgaging to get a better rate and avoid your lender’s SVR then you may find you have enough equity in the house to be able to get a mortgage. If you are remortgaging to release some of that equity then you will find it difficult.

However, if your home hasn’t gone up in value since you took the mortgage out, don’t despair – there are options open to you:

* Talk to your existing lender. Just because you are trying to change your mortgage doesn’t mean that you have to change your lender. You have a relationship with your lender and you may find them to be more understanding. Many lenders have the same rates for their existing borrowers as for new borrowers so the rate you’re offered is likely to be as competitive as you’re going to get anyway. If you don’t quite meet their new lending criteria then they may be able to give you alternative options.

* There are lenders who have 100% mortgages which you may be able to remortgage to. However, you will most likely find that the interest rate you end up paying will be higher than the rate you would pay if you found another 5-10%. You may even find that it is more expensive than your lender’s SVR! Also, your choices will be limited as the number of lenders offering a mortgage with no deposit has reduced to a handful and this is reducing every day.

* Go and see a financial adviser and explain your predicament. They may have special deals available to borrowers in the same position and know what to do. They may be able to suggest other options if they can’t help you.

* Talk to your family and explain your predicament. If you are incredibly lucky they may be able to lend you a few grand and all your problems will be over!

* Another option is that you take out a personal loan to cover the extra money you need to satisfy a lender’s loan-to-value requirements. Borrowing money like this and taking on the extra debt should be a last resort, although some loans may have an interest rate lower than the mortgage rate you would end up paying on the SVR.

Also, if you already have loans, credit cards or store cards you may find that your credit rating means you can’t get a loan. And if you do take out a loan, you may then find that your chosen lender rejects your mortgage application anyway because they believe you won’t be able to meet all your repayments on the mortgage, plus credit cards, plus loan.

Get your free credit report here

If you still can’t remortgage and end up on your lender’s SVR then explain to them that you are finding the higher rates difficult to afford. Hopefully interest rates and SVRs will come down during the year. In the meantime, you may be able to extend the length of your mortgage term; this will cost you more in the long term but may help you make the repayments.

You may also be able to switch to an interest-only mortgage which will reduce your monthly payments because you are just paying back the interest on the amount you borrowed, not the amount itself. This should always be a last resort as you will have to pay your lender back at some point but it can help for a year or two.

Mortgage help centre website:


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

financial leads mortgage help advertising for your business

Need to advertise your financial website on the internet? Do you have a mortgage related finance related website?

Mortgage-help-centre.co.uk are offering other businesses the opportunity to advertise on www.mortgage-help-centre.co.uk

Mortgage help centre is an in depth content related website about mortgages. If you want to gain visitors to your website it is worth contacting Mortgage Help Centre as they can place banner ads and text ads to recommend your website.


Monday, March 17, 2008

make money how to buy repossessed cheap houses and sell them for a profit

Everybody dreams about being rich in the uk. How about being property rich?

The best way to make money would be simply to buy something and sell it for a profit.

Some people sell the smallest thing in the world and may make £1 profit, Others may sell a larger product or a service and make £1000 profit, even a million pound profit.

Buying and selling property is a lucrative way of making it rich. in the UK a lot of people are millionaires just from buying and selling property. It may have been a house they inherited or it may have been a property which they bought, renovated and refurbished it and then made a big profit.

I will tell you the best way that people are making money on property. ut you have to use Mortgage Help Centre first to buy a property on a mortgage as you may not have the money to but an expensive property in the first place. Here is the way to do it:

Contact your local council.

Ask them for the property section.

Ask for any derelict or council properties in need of refurbishment.

Go around your local area and see if there are any run down derelict properties and post a letter addressed to the owner with your contact details asking about the property.

Ask for the price of the properties.

Look at for market rates and see what these are going for.

Get a reputable builder to look at the property to give you an estimate of work needed doing.

Work out if you can sell the house for more than how much you will be paying to fix it.

We have had a person recently buy a run down house for £100,000 and fix it for £25000 and sell it within 4 months for £175000. That looks like a clean £50000 profit in the space of 4 months.


Always when you are starting there are other fees involved. For example mortgage lender fees, interest fees, mortgage exit fees, etc.

Mortgage help centre uk will assist you on getting the most beneficial mortgage in this aspect and will ensure you make the most amount of profit out of your property.

The above person took a mortgage with mortgage help centre to fund his property. With mortgage help centre being independent brokers they done well to advise the gentleman on the best rate mortgage and less fees to ensure maximum profit.

Contact mortgage help centre for more information on how to set up a property development business.

Mortgage help centre can show you the ropes and will tell you the best places to go to buy the property and how to finance the property without much outlay. Contact mortgage help centre here if you want to be a property millionaire:

Mortgage help centre uk: http://www.mortgage-help-centre.co.uk

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

claim back your mortgage exit fees mortgage charges unfair mortgage charges uk

Get the money you deserve back from the mortgage companies, mortgage exit fees.

You might expect to pay a fee to arrange a mortgage - although £499 is a bit steep. But did you know that you also have to pay a fee when you redeem your home loan, either to pay off the debt or to switch to another lender?

Most banks and building societies these days charge an exit fee, sometimes called a mortgage exit administration or redemption administration charge. And the cost has risen sharply over the past few years. The fees, which can be as high as £295, have climbed from an average of about £50 in 1996 to £225 today. Abbey and NatWest both charged £85 five years ago; they now hit borrowers with an exit fee of £225.

Experts estimate the increase will rake in £10 million in extra profits for Abbey, given that one in four borrowers switches lender every year. Lenders claim the fees cover administration costs, such as dealing with the Land Registry. But Nationwide manages to do the same job for £90. In fact, the building society did not charge anything until last year. HSBC is now the only big lender that does not impose exit fees. The fees have been criticised by some mortgage experts who say they bear no relation to lenders' costs. They are also often tucked away in the small print of an application. Nick Gardner of Chase de Vere, a mortgage broker, says: "It actually costs lenders between £60 and £70 to redeem a mortgage, so they stand accused of profiteering. It is also an underhand way to ramp up the cost of borrowing. Lenders can't put up interest rates in such a competitive market, when the base rate has not moved, so they put up fees instead."Lenders can also raise the fees without seeking the agreement of the borrower, so you don't really have any idea how much you might have to pay when you redeem your loan. David Hollingworth of London & Country, a mortgage broker, says: "The fees have certainly irritated borrowers. They don't understand why the increases have been so huge - and they certainly don't like the fact that the fee can go up during the term of the mortgage." Are the fees legal? Some lawyers even question the legality of the mounting exit fee. Adam Samuel, a London-based lawyer, says: "What makes it illegal is if the lender can change the fee from, say, £70 to £200 without either obtaining the customer's agreement or using any objective standard by which to measure that amount." Alliance & Leicester has reacted to the public pressure by fixing exit fees. But at £295 it is the most expensive among the big lenders. Northern Rock follows the same policy but it charges £250.Moneysupermarket.com, the price comparison website, wants all lenders to fix exit fees. "Consumers will find it easier to compare deals if banks and building societies guarantee that exit fees will stay the same from the day the contract is signed," says Louise Cuming, moneysupermarket's head of mortgages. However, she describes Alliance & Leicester's fee as "excessive."The Financial Services Authority (FSA), the City watchdog, has now stepped in to investigate mortgage exit fees. It believes that sudden, big rises in the fees could be unfair and unjustifiable, particularly as electronic systems have made the process quicker and cheaper.The FSA says: "It is not clear that increases in exit fees are proportionate to any increases in associated costs incurred. We have asked some lenders to consider whether their terms might be unfair, and to provide evidence of how decisions to increase their fees were taken."If it concludes the fees are unjustified, lenders could face court action and be forced to cut the charges. How to fight the feesBut you shouldn't wait for the FSA to reach its conclusions before you challenge an exit fee. First, complain to the lender, stating why you think the charge is too high. You will have a particularly strong case if the fee has gone up sharply since you took out the loan. You must give the lender eight weeks to respond to your complaint. If it doesn't cut the fee to the amount quoted when you signed up to the mortgage, you should complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS).The FOS is an independent service that resolves disputes between consumers and financial firms.

"The FSA's decision to query exit fees suggests that lenders are on shaky ground and they know it," she says. "Most lenders will back down because they don't want the case referred to the ombudsman." The variable exit fees make it more difficult to compare mortgages and choose the right deal, but don't let them put you off switching. Many people can still save money by moving to different lender - and you shouldn't base your decision on exit fees alone.

For more information contact mortgage help centre http://www.mortgage-help-centre.co.uk

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

No fee mortgage help, no broker fee mortgages cheapest mortgages in the UK.Why going to a no fee broker is the best way to mortgage remortgage.

Mortgage Help Centre UK--- www.mortgage-help-centre.co.uk

We have created this website to tell UK people and advise them on what sort of mortgage is appropriate for them. Mortgage Help Centre are connected with "no fee" mortgage brokers in the UK. The difference between Mortgage Help Centre and your average broker is that Mortgage Help Centre do not charge a fee for their services. Basically the mortgage you take out, Mortgage Help Centre will not charge you a fee for their service.

Other brokers charge a fee from £250 to £2000. Mortgage Help Centre are a completely impartial company offering mortgages from the whole of the market. Certain mortgage brokers you may go to may charge you a fee for their service and in addition may only pick you a deal from a small panel of lenders. Mortgage Help Centre are honest trustworthy people who will pick you the best deal from the whole UK mortgage market and in addition this will be free.

The difference between mortgage help centre and other mortgage brokers and companies is that Mortgage Help Centre put the customers interest first and are more interested in getting the best deal for customers.

So how to Mortgage Help Centre get paid if they do not charge a fee?

Simply we at mortgage help centre, we get paid a referral from the lender who our customers takes a mortgage out with. This fee is not added to the mortgage loan the customer takes out. We strongly advise customers to make sure they go to no fee brokers as we do not charge a fee. We thrive on repeat business and our mortgage brokers keep costs low as to help the customer find the best mortgage deals.

All it takes for the customer is to contact us by email and our experienced no fee mortgage broker will get in touch with you the same day. We understand most people do not understand the mortgage market as it is not something you do everyday. Our mortgage brokers will provide you with written information on all the costs involved and will not bully you into taking out a mortgage. We provide the best customer service and we ensure we put our customers first.

SELF Certified Mortgages and how Mortgage Help Centre can help

Nowadays a lot of people are self employed or they cannot prove their income. Some people are reluctant to declare their income as they do not like others getting into their private lives. At mortgage help centre we appreciate privacy therefore we can provide self certified mortgages where clients do not have to prove any sort of income. Our brokers will basically provide the best mortgage rates for self certification mortgages. The kind of persons that may require self certified mortgages may be taxi drivers, courier drivers, self employed builders, carpenters, truck drivers and many other self employed jobs. Please do not hesitate to contact Mortgage Help Centre if you require a self certified mortgage.

Why should i come to Mortgage Help Centre when i can go to big mortgage companies on the Internet or if i can go to my local broker?

Mortgage Help Centre network of brokers do not charge a fee as others do.

Mortgage Help Centre brokers are fully regulated by the FSA

Mortgage Help Centre have got full access to the whole mortgage market place.

Mortgage Help Centre are not a massive company but as anyone would know , the larger a company the more advertising they pay out and the more costs they have as a business that is why they charge broker fees. Why go to them when you can come to Mortgage Help Centre who will provide a better service and will talk to you on a one to one basis as well as provide free advice and at the same time you can save money as Mortgage Help Centre brokers do not charge a fee.

We have heard and seen a lot of customers who are looking for a mortgage get conned by mortgage brokers and mortgage companies. These mortgage compaanies are just going to put the customer on a high rate mortgage in order for them to get a higher commission. At Mortgage Help Centre UK our brokers are honest and ethical professionals who put the customers interest first at all times and we ensure you save money on your mortgage or remortgage.

Mortgage Help Centre business comes from word of mouth as we do not charge a broker fee.

Unlike other mortgage companies, we do not advertise and we keep our costs low, therefore, we pass our savings down to you -- our customers. Don't get conned by mortgage companies who do vast amount of marketing and brand advertising just to get your attention and then charge high fees. Visit our website for the full info on the address below.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Are house prices in the UK falling? mortgage help centre uk http://www.mortgage-help-centre.co.uk

Are house prices in the UK falling? http://www.Mortgage-help-centre.co.uk.

House prices in the uk are set to fall in 2008 as stated by national uk based mortgage company mortgage-help-centre.co.uk .

Debt experts are predicting a record number of personal insolvencies this year as excessive Christmas shopping, rising mortgage payments and soaring food and fuel costs force thousands of people over the financial edge and into bankruptcy.

Every year the FT conducts a survey of top economists on a range of topics, including house prices. This year they expect house prices to shift by 0% to -20%, with the average probably about -5%. These are just estimates - bear in mind that in last year's same survey, none of them predicted the UK's first run on a bank in over a century. Also see comments below for links to the other survey topics, including: "Britain faces worst outlook since dot-com bust.