Monday, March 17, 2008

make money how to buy repossessed cheap houses and sell them for a profit

Everybody dreams about being rich in the uk. How about being property rich?

The best way to make money would be simply to buy something and sell it for a profit.

Some people sell the smallest thing in the world and may make £1 profit, Others may sell a larger product or a service and make £1000 profit, even a million pound profit.

Buying and selling property is a lucrative way of making it rich. in the UK a lot of people are millionaires just from buying and selling property. It may have been a house they inherited or it may have been a property which they bought, renovated and refurbished it and then made a big profit.

I will tell you the best way that people are making money on property. ut you have to use Mortgage Help Centre first to buy a property on a mortgage as you may not have the money to but an expensive property in the first place. Here is the way to do it:

Contact your local council.

Ask them for the property section.

Ask for any derelict or council properties in need of refurbishment.

Go around your local area and see if there are any run down derelict properties and post a letter addressed to the owner with your contact details asking about the property.

Ask for the price of the properties.

Look at for market rates and see what these are going for.

Get a reputable builder to look at the property to give you an estimate of work needed doing.

Work out if you can sell the house for more than how much you will be paying to fix it.

We have had a person recently buy a run down house for £100,000 and fix it for £25000 and sell it within 4 months for £175000. That looks like a clean £50000 profit in the space of 4 months.


Always when you are starting there are other fees involved. For example mortgage lender fees, interest fees, mortgage exit fees, etc.

Mortgage help centre uk will assist you on getting the most beneficial mortgage in this aspect and will ensure you make the most amount of profit out of your property.

The above person took a mortgage with mortgage help centre to fund his property. With mortgage help centre being independent brokers they done well to advise the gentleman on the best rate mortgage and less fees to ensure maximum profit.

Contact mortgage help centre for more information on how to set up a property development business.

Mortgage help centre can show you the ropes and will tell you the best places to go to buy the property and how to finance the property without much outlay. Contact mortgage help centre here if you want to be a property millionaire:

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