Tuesday, January 15, 2008

No fee mortgage help, no broker fee mortgages cheapest mortgages in the UK.Why going to a no fee broker is the best way to mortgage remortgage.

Mortgage Help Centre UK--- www.mortgage-help-centre.co.uk

We have created this website to tell UK people and advise them on what sort of mortgage is appropriate for them. Mortgage Help Centre are connected with "no fee" mortgage brokers in the UK. The difference between Mortgage Help Centre and your average broker is that Mortgage Help Centre do not charge a fee for their services. Basically the mortgage you take out, Mortgage Help Centre will not charge you a fee for their service.

Other brokers charge a fee from £250 to £2000. Mortgage Help Centre are a completely impartial company offering mortgages from the whole of the market. Certain mortgage brokers you may go to may charge you a fee for their service and in addition may only pick you a deal from a small panel of lenders. Mortgage Help Centre are honest trustworthy people who will pick you the best deal from the whole UK mortgage market and in addition this will be free.

The difference between mortgage help centre and other mortgage brokers and companies is that Mortgage Help Centre put the customers interest first and are more interested in getting the best deal for customers.

So how to Mortgage Help Centre get paid if they do not charge a fee?

Simply we at mortgage help centre, we get paid a referral from the lender who our customers takes a mortgage out with. This fee is not added to the mortgage loan the customer takes out. We strongly advise customers to make sure they go to no fee brokers as we do not charge a fee. We thrive on repeat business and our mortgage brokers keep costs low as to help the customer find the best mortgage deals.

All it takes for the customer is to contact us by email and our experienced no fee mortgage broker will get in touch with you the same day. We understand most people do not understand the mortgage market as it is not something you do everyday. Our mortgage brokers will provide you with written information on all the costs involved and will not bully you into taking out a mortgage. We provide the best customer service and we ensure we put our customers first.

SELF Certified Mortgages and how Mortgage Help Centre can help

Nowadays a lot of people are self employed or they cannot prove their income. Some people are reluctant to declare their income as they do not like others getting into their private lives. At mortgage help centre we appreciate privacy therefore we can provide self certified mortgages where clients do not have to prove any sort of income. Our brokers will basically provide the best mortgage rates for self certification mortgages. The kind of persons that may require self certified mortgages may be taxi drivers, courier drivers, self employed builders, carpenters, truck drivers and many other self employed jobs. Please do not hesitate to contact Mortgage Help Centre if you require a self certified mortgage.

Why should i come to Mortgage Help Centre when i can go to big mortgage companies on the Internet or if i can go to my local broker?

Mortgage Help Centre network of brokers do not charge a fee as others do.

Mortgage Help Centre brokers are fully regulated by the FSA

Mortgage Help Centre have got full access to the whole mortgage market place.

Mortgage Help Centre are not a massive company but as anyone would know , the larger a company the more advertising they pay out and the more costs they have as a business that is why they charge broker fees. Why go to them when you can come to Mortgage Help Centre who will provide a better service and will talk to you on a one to one basis as well as provide free advice and at the same time you can save money as Mortgage Help Centre brokers do not charge a fee.

We have heard and seen a lot of customers who are looking for a mortgage get conned by mortgage brokers and mortgage companies. These mortgage compaanies are just going to put the customer on a high rate mortgage in order for them to get a higher commission. At Mortgage Help Centre UK our brokers are honest and ethical professionals who put the customers interest first at all times and we ensure you save money on your mortgage or remortgage.

Mortgage Help Centre business comes from word of mouth as we do not charge a broker fee.

Unlike other mortgage companies, we do not advertise and we keep our costs low, therefore, we pass our savings down to you -- our customers. Don't get conned by mortgage companies who do vast amount of marketing and brand advertising just to get your attention and then charge high fees. Visit our website for the full info on the address below.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Are house prices in the UK falling? mortgage help centre uk http://www.mortgage-help-centre.co.uk

Are house prices in the UK falling? http://www.Mortgage-help-centre.co.uk.

House prices in the uk are set to fall in 2008 as stated by national uk based mortgage company mortgage-help-centre.co.uk .

Debt experts are predicting a record number of personal insolvencies this year as excessive Christmas shopping, rising mortgage payments and soaring food and fuel costs force thousands of people over the financial edge and into bankruptcy.

Every year the FT conducts a survey of top economists on a range of topics, including house prices. This year they expect house prices to shift by 0% to -20%, with the average probably about -5%. These are just estimates - bear in mind that in last year's same survey, none of them predicted the UK's first run on a bank in over a century. Also see comments below for links to the other survey topics, including: "Britain faces worst outlook since dot-com bust.